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How do we work out what fits into a mobile screen?


As I am designing my app, one thing came to my mind, how can I show the exact same content if it is a mobile phone of whatever size of tablet via bubble as I can see a grid but there is nothing telling me which device width this grid represents.?

Because I am trying to use the “scrollTo” function, I need to define a specific area to stop the scrollTo upon button click, any idea how to set a precise area that shows the height and width on all the devices?

Thank you.

We don’t support variable width yes, so that way to do it is to have 2 versions of your page, one for desktop, and one for mobile. The mobile version is usually 380px width, but you can experiment there. We’re actively working on responsive now though, so we’ll have a better solution there soon. Can’t commit on a hard deadline though.


Hi there,

How can you make two versions of the page without interfering the initial script layout? Or would it be two apps? @NigelG @emmanuel

Thank you!

Just create a separate page for the mobile version and then on your desktop version if you click on the background layer you can set what page you want to show for mobile. When someone visits on a mobile device it will automatically show them the mobile version.



Thank you for the response but more questions came to my mind.
How can we experiment if we cannot download the app on our devices?
Or do we need to contact you each time to get a downloadable copy of the app?

Also, as you said, the mobile width should be 380px, but how to define this in the grid?

Thank you.

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Absolutely! More specific the header and footer. Thanks @Bambinou1980 and @emmanuel . More people must know of this platform it’s incredible.

You can just open the URL on your phone in the mobile browser.

Double click on the page area and search for ‘W’ (width).

How do you reformat the header and footer proportionate to mobile? It doesn’t scale smaller.


Thanks, yes good one, I will do that now.
I have seen other platforms using like a barcode that you scan with the mobile camera so the output url is directly types in the mobile browser, will you ever implement this in your script please?

Thank you.

I am actually trying to login via gmail on the mobile on but just cannot get in. Bubble shows me the windows that says “allow bubble to access this and that”, I will “allow”, get sent back to the home page but I am not logged in.

Tried on another mobile, same problem.

We’ll look at this when we’ll work on native apps. Till then, we can’t say much.