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Show mobile site if screen is small, website if screen is big


I am trying to set a condition by which:
If the screen is less than 500Pxl - > user will be shown the mobile version (app)
If the screen is bigger than 500pxl - > user will be shown the web version.

However I am struggling.

Could one of you help me?

It doesn’t work like that. When a user is on a mobile device, they will see the mobile version. When on a desktop, they will see the desktop version.

Have you been able to connect the mobile version to the desktop version?


No, I have not.
How would I go about it?

(I selected, this is a netive app, and mobile version in the editor for the page)

Are you building a native app (for the Apple store, etc.) or a website that you also want to look nice on mobile?

@sophia If you’re looking to hide certain page elements for mobile screens you can also create “Hide rules” in the responsive editor.

Along the lines of:

“If screen is <500px width, hide this element”.

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Make sure you have two pages, one that doesn’t have “Mobile version” set and another that has it set.

2 pages? Like a copy of the index (index and indexcopy, feedpage and feedpagecopy), etc… @scott

You can get the page width in the expression builder.

I wondering what I am missing. For mobile screens, can’t you adjust your settings in responsive mode? Now I am confused as to which is the best pathway.

Thank you, I have now done that,
but when I access it from my phone it is still showing me the responsive web version rather than the mobile version i made.
Any suggestions?

a website that looks nice on mobile would be enough.
i´m not sure how much work a native app would be…

Then you need two separate pages. One for Desktop and one for Mobile.


Desktop Version: index
Mobile Version: index_mobile

Then in your Desktop page, click the page to get the black menu.

You’ll see this dropdown. Simply select the Mobile Version and you’re done.


I´ve done that but on my phone it is still coming up with the responsive view rather than my the mobile version.
Any ideas?

Can you add some screenshots because that shouldn’t be happening at all.

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