Can I transfer my purchased plan to another app

I have purchased a plan (Personal Yearly Plan) for an app.

But now I dispose this app and want to use my paid plan for another app. Is there a way to shift my Personal Yearly plan to a different app or do I need to purchase another plan for the second app? Or will it disappear if I delete the paid app?


Instead of buying another plan, why you dont “delete” all the pages, and start the new app there?

I believe if you delete the app, you have to pay new plan.

I’d contact

They can get you set up properly if you’re unable to do it in the editor itself.

I tried this. Bubble do not allow me to delete “index” and “404” pages…

Some sort of option to override this app with another app or moving the purchased plan to another app would be nice…

You can create a new page, set it to be the new index, then delete the old index. As far as 404 goes and reset_pw go, you’ll just need to delete everything off the page and start over.

Did you contact support to have them switch you over?

Thanks for the advice.

Actually, I had sent an email to them before posting here…Maybe I will contact again if I cannot solve it by my own means. I want to learn if I can do it myself.

It would have been nice if the plans are brought independently from applications and then user can manage which application will be using the plan.

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How does one set a new index page?

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