Problems with app and plan

I payed for a personal plan.
I created and app, and after i removed as I wanted to start form scratch with Canvas.
Now, I cant use it as new app is not in personal plan, so what?
How can I use the plan i already payed?

Many thanks for your support.

Every app has it own plan, so you should either pay again or try to talk with support.

May thanks, I will contact support.
Just a UX/product recommendation. When a user “erase” the app , this should go to a trash with a recovery option.


May be. But from our end it was not visible.

This is nice idea. Please add your idea into bubble ideaboard


In settings:

You can change the paid app to be a non-paid app by changing it to free.

And … change the new app to a paid plan :grinning:

Thanks, the problem lies in the fact that I remove the paid app without “release” it and now im blocked.

Some recommendation?

Reach out to Bubble support :grinning:

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