Can I trigger workflow on Link element?

I have a link element (no text) with a download icon underneath it that is disabled. When the user clicks on the element it opens a file object in a new browser window. This all works fine but I also want to be able to audit that this action occurred so i need to be able to run workflow also. I cant seem to create workflow that users the link object as a trigger. Can this be done?


Hey @eric.schwantler :slight_smile: Yes, there is a hacky workaround for this. You can create a button, and add the workflow you need to that button element. Then convert that button into a link by right clicking the button, and selecting “replace by another element --> link”. The workflow should stay attached to the link element.


Or could you use a text element instead? Just an idea :slight_smile:

create new group and then apply your link element inside the that group,
after create workflow group click event. it works :slight_smile:


Hey @fayewatson, @philnauta and @manikandan, thanks all for your prompt suggestions and I converted a button and it worked a treat

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