Trigger workflow when link is clicked

Hi- Is there a way to trigger a workflow when a link is clicked?

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I dont’t think so. That’s why the Start/Edit workflow is not visible. hat you can try is create your workflow based on a text element clicked, and then turn this text element in a link. The attached workflow should remain. It was a kind of a bug I had before, if it still works.

Yea- my issue is that I need an element that, when clicked, opens a new tab. That feature is only available with links.

But I need to track my user’s clicks via a workflow & that is not available for links.

Ideas for a work-around?

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Why would you need to have a workflow run on a link? Just use a text then? Technically a link is a different element, where users can right click and open in a new tab, you only want to use this for actual links, not workflows.

are there any other elements that will open a new tab?

No, only links can do this. Other attempts are blocked by anti-popup stuff. Sadly a browser limitation (and a consequence of the nasty popups for the early 2000s)

Okay, so I have a repeating group of artwork images. When someone clicks, I want to send them to an external site where the art came from. It’s important that I open this external site in a new tab so users can come back to my site. But it’s also important to track which artwork they liked, clicked. How do you recommend I do that?


@vlad suggested this Wish list of features which i think is a pretty good workaround.

@twr2105, Did you find a workaround to be able to track or record the links your users click? Did you find a way to access links in the workflow?


I found this out on accident: if you set up the workflows on a button element, then convert that button to a link - the workflows will stay attached to the link. In my app, there was only one action which happened on click - so I’m not sure if this would work for all cases (or if it’s the best idea). But it did ‘work’ for me. :slight_smile:


How do you convert a button into a link? @fayewatson

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Right-click the button and then select “Replace by another element” then select Link. If you check the workflows it should change from “When Button is clicked” to “When link is clicked” :slight_smile:


Perfect! Thank you Faye!

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great hack!

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this tips not working. how i can do ? thanks

Hi @codkod, Faye’s tip still works. What did you try?

yes its works after i read this post…:grin:

This does still work. I found it by a happy accident yesterday. @emmanuel, you were asking about a use case for this. In my case, I have a link that is a phone number. I built a dialing application for my employees. However, I wanted to keep a count, so every time someone dialed a call, it would increase the user’s call count by 1.

The link element links to tel:current cell’s customer’s phone.

So, when the user clicks the link it loads the phone number into Skype. But, since I couldn’t launch a workflow off the link, I had to create some other way to increase the call counter.

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Works like a charm, love this hack!

You are a genius @fayewatson, thank you so much!

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