Run workflow after clicking on a Link element

Is there a way to run a workflow right after a user clicks on a Link element?

I want to keep using the Link element, as it has the typical things you and Google can expect from a link (href tag, nofollow tag, etc.), but it’s a pity the link elements don’t offer a “Start/Edit workflow” option to, e.g. add a tracking action (send event to Google Analytics) when the user clicks on the link.

An approach I’ve been using is having a clickable group rather than a Link. It allows me to add a workflow behind the click, but it doesn’t expose the typical HTML data you and Google want to see on a link (basically, clickable groups are not considered links, so they’re not good for link building, SEO, etc.).

I can’t believe there’s no native way to do this and we need some workaround though! :sweat_smile:

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I have a very simple approach - links for navigation and SEO, buttons/icons for actions (showing elements, crating things and so on) :slight_smile:
What are the use cases of triggering a WF via clicking a link?

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You can add an event listener to the link element, then run a workflow when it’s clicked:

Link Workflow (

I seem to recall seeing a ‘Bubble’ workaround (one of those that works, but is not officially supported) somewhere before that doesn’t require any custom code.

But, really, it’s simple enough just to use the method above and not have to worry about Bubble changing things and breaking your workflow in the future.


Man, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot @adamhholmes, you made my day!

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