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Can I use an API to pull book details from Amazon (or similar)

Is there a way I can use an API to allow a user to type in a book title and it then saves the book with all its details (thumbnail, rating, author…) to a “play list” on the bubble developed website

Generally yes you can get book data into Bubble by API. If you find a perfect API for it, please post back here. Google Books API is good for the basics, but spotty pricing data. I tried ISBNDB but that was hit or miss, so I cancelled after free trial. Haven’t tried Amazon specifically.

If you can get away with having the user to input an ISBN rather than a title, it’ll be easier for you to hook up.

Something like this?

Thanks for the reply edd.

It looks like David, below, has found a way to use titles instead of ISBNDB

If I find any more I will post here

Hi David,

That looks perfect, especially the Item Search ability.

I will have to give this a go. Ultimately I would like a user to login into their amazon account and their lists on the Bubble site are automatically populated by the books in their kindle library, same with audible and podcasts

Experimenting with different Book API solutions atm myself , so it would be helpful to know a thing or two:

  1. What was the stumbling block which made you turn away from ISBNDB?
  2. Also, was your requirement a high traffic with the Google API? Assuming the quota is 1000 requests/day (not sure about this, docs seem to be a bit inconcise?), so this kind of information would be more than useful.
  1. ISBNDB’s API literally just returned no results for half the books I looked up, hence “hit or miss”. Their support was also awful in that it wasn’t until a month after I cancelled my trial that someone wrote back to me, by which point I’d moved on.
  2. No, my use case was to just pull in book data as my users were updating their profiles, and it’s a niche app, so I had no concern about a 1000 request/day limit.

That’s really helpful info, thanks a lot man.

Any updates on this? The links posted by @david17 don’t seem to work anymore

Hey everyone, I have a paid solution. You can either build a database of books and use the plugin short term. Or you can provide search from the Keepa API product finder tool itself. (via the product finder api) You can also search by barcode, category, publisher, popularity, amazon/ebay price etc. Do be aware that the images shouldn’t be used for forward facing solutions due to copyright restrictions (Amazon’s Images).

As for the Google API it looks like there are limitation for commercial use.

At Google, we’re constantly striving to make information available to as many people as possible, and our APIs were designed with that goal in mind. However, we license much of the data that we use to power Google Books, so it’s not ours to distribute however we choose.

The API is not intended to be used as a replacement for commercial services. These services are valuable and Google also relies upon them to build our own APIs for the general public.

Goodreads retired it’s api Goodreads Is Retiring Its Current API, and Book-Loving Developers Aren’t Happy | by Angela Lashbrook | Debugger
unfortunately, as it looked very thorough.

You may alternatively link to the bookfinder search here: They do have every book, including out-of-print books, imaginable. How to link to a search

I sell books for a living and use Keepa daily.

If you’re interested in KEEPA you can see the plugin details here :