Can you design on bubble?

I recently discovered bubble and as a non-technical person I’m very excited about it. I want to start building MVPs for my ideas on here, but I have question. To what extent can you edit design on bubble (can you access HTML?), and is it even possible, or common, to hire a designer that is familiar with bubble. I like my websites to have a clean and modern startup look, but I personally suck at design. I’m just curious about that aspect of bubble and what the community has done in terms of the design of their web apps. Let me know!

You can ‘design’ it any way you want. You can have someone create mockup’s and just recreate that in Bubble including responsive design.

You cannot really alter the html, you can add html elements and style those but for an MVP that needs to look polished, there is no need for that.

Things that you don’t have easily available is for example the material design elements or something like Bootstrap, or a combo:

However, there are plugins that can help with that but they aren’t well developed yet.

So in short, yes you can design. You can also choose to build your app on Bubble and keep it nice and clean while building the landing page / website using Bootstrap or from scratch in html.

If you want proof, I think this is a good example of great design built with Bubble:

Welcome to the community!

There are plenty of folks offering design services on the platform, so it’s totally possible to hire a Bubbler to do the design for you.

Thank you guys for the insightful responses!

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