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Can I use "Read worksheet" option of Blockspring twice for 2 Different sheets?


Currently I am using Read worksheet option to view the data in bubble from the google worksheet.
However keen to know if I can use the same option for reading one more worksheet. Currently I am unable to figure out the way.

is there any way I can use “Read worksheet” option of Blockspring twice for 2 Different sheets?


Try merging 2 Read Worksheets as the data source. You’ll be able to individually define spreadsheets AND worksheets within:

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Thanks Gaby.

Will this logic work for the below scenario?

Read worksheet --> Google Sheet1 --> Fields/headers (Eg: Sales,cost,Items)

Read worksheet–> Google Sheet2 --> Fields/headers (Eg:Staff Name,Contact etc.)

In the above case, Sheet 1 and 2 are not related to each other and their fields are completely different.

My concern is when I update the fields of sheet 2 in the block spring plugin, the details of sheet 1 gets deleted.

Hm, good question. I’d need to test this because I wonder if you even need to update the plugin since you can just edit the sheet ID in the dynamic area in the repeating group. Try this and see if you get sheet 2’s headers as options in addition to sheet 1’s headers.

I’d definitely need to test though re: overwriting. I don’t have the structure in front of me to look.

Did not work for me.

You have to “initialize” Blockspring API call to work with each sheet, and if you have two sheets, when you try to “initialize”, it overwrites the data from the first one.

So currently you can work with a spreadsheet with 1 sheet only, which does not look to good actually (taking into the account that the actual API call does give you the opportunity to use a different sheet ID, but unless the call is initialized, Bubble editor does not know what kind of data is in the other worksheet you referred).

Is there any plan to get this addressed?
Should this be treated like a bug?

I’ll create a post on this in Bugs section to validate that.