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Blockspring / Google Sheets Integration Error

Hi. I’ve encountered problems integrating Bubble with Google sheets via Blockspring.

Problem description:
e.g. we have 3 columns, and one raw, containing 3 data entries: A2 (contatingn entry “11”), B2 (entry “22”), C2 (entry “33”).

Insted of differentianitng these 3 data entries, Bubble merges it and converts in one data entry: “11,22,33” (split by comma). Such problem occurs with any blockspring blocks (Vlookup, Read Worksheet e t.c.)

Has anyone faced the same problem? Any help would be much appreciated.

Can you share a link in run mode?

Here is the spreadsheet I’m referring to:

If I use Blockspring’s block “Read Worksheet’s Value” - result is the following:

If I use Blockspring’s block “Vlookup” - result is the following:

p.s. re Vlookup block: what is the logic behind “first item’s value” “last item’s value”, i.e. how should I count it? by columns?

What is returned is a list of list of numbers, so you can

  1. put the last entry in another repeating group of numbers
  2. if you click after the 's Value, you can see list operations.

See attached.

Also, when you click on ‘Update fields’ in the blockspring settings for Vlookup, it says ‘(list)’, that’s a hint that the data isn’t just a number with commas (we do display it that way if you don’t set it differently, but you can).

Emmanuel, thank you for the answer.
But frankly I didn’t quite get the main idea (do we always have to use repeating groups with Vlookup? what is the lsst/first item logic?)

In order not to waste time - could you please help me solve 2 tasks (hope will understand everything):

  1. I need to create a rating of users based on earned points. The raiting is pretty simple: Column A - name (or e-mail - doesn’t matter); Column B - points.
    All the data are sourced from Sheets (you already ahve a link to an example).
  2. I need to display earned points for each user on his personal dashboard. I understand how to use dynamics filed in Vlookup function, so this is not a problem. My misunderstanding here is that logically there is no need to use repeating group (as you’ve shown).

Can you use the forum_app so that we can work on the same app, and have it public. Doing is better than writing :slight_smile:

Ok. I’ve created the page:

Are you expecting me to create the rating by myself? If I knew how I’d had already done it:blush:

Well you need to start something, and then when something is blocking you, we can help. A white page isn’t great (to be honest, i’m not sure i know what you want to do)

Ok. I created repeating group.
As you can see. On the left side I want to see Name, on the right side respective score (both Name and Score should be pulled from Google Sheet (

Then I want the results to be sorted by Score (the higher the score the higher the user is in the table).

And…now I don’t know what to do next.

Check what I did here. That won’t work because the Google Block isn’t authenticated on this account, so replicate this in your account, but you’ll see the logic.

Emmanuel, thank you for your help.

I did replicate it and linked in to exisiting Blockspring account, but it doesn’t work(

By the way, is it a solution to Task #1 or Task #2 I described above? I don’t see any raiting mechanics here(

Spent quite a lot time on it.
Decided to change app structure, i.e. not to connect any 3rd party services (Typeform+Zapier+Blockspring), but to build my own internal database here, in bubble.

So, I suppose no more need to spend Founder’s time to answer my questions))

Well let me know. I didn’t do anything for the rating, just wanted to show you the logic for the Sheet block. I did make a few change to cfatest so that you can see how that works. One thing to keep in mind is the debugger. In this case (see attached), you can run the workflows step by step and see what is the evaluation of the block.

Thank you so much for your help.
I think it’s really much better to use only internally generated data in my case (no lags with Zapier etc).
I already have some other questions but will create new topics for other users’ convinience.

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Hey @Kirill21, we just added a parameter to the Google Sheets block that should help. It’s an optional parameter called “data has header”. If you mark that as true, the Read Worksheet service ( will import quite cleanly into Bubble.

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