Can i use Username as text field instead of email

Can i use Username as text field with compulsory email field in Signup form. I want to Signup a user with different username with might be similar email ids. I want to assign some permission based on username. Username will generated via create account for others which will ensure no duplicates. Please Help


Yes, you can add fields to the user when you create the account. One of these could be the Username.

Have a look at the “Save some additional data” part here…

You would add this to the form, and then can default/check for duplicates etc


Yes I can definitely do this. But if we add multiple username with similar email id, i guess bubble wont allow it. I want a user with a email id to have permissions to different type of data-set.

By “similar” to do you mean “the same” ?

So you want a single email address to have different permissions, depending on some other piece of data ?

You can’t have two users with the same email address.

So either you could sign them up and then ask some other piece of information to drive permissions.

Or, if this is absolutely a requirement, I wonder if you could spoof the email (in the way that gmail does with aliases) to create two different bubble email addresses internally, but externally they only enter user name and that drives the login to chose the right email address.

It seems quite complex, so wonder how critical this is.


Yes Same email may have different username but i guess this is not be possible.
Other Logic to have a field which drives the permission. I did the same have a field attached to user which says “allowed company” but now to this i cant add multiple inputs. So this user will only able to see data attach to one company only.
And we cant select multiple company in this selection as user field wont accept.
Seems complex to give access to multiple points in single app.

Right, at this stage, we use emails as a unique identifier. We could look into changing this with phone numbers or pseudos, but it’s a significant project, not a quick fix. If that’s an issue we can talk about it (reach out), but in the meantime, @NigelG’s solution is good as well.


Emmanuel, do you mean that there could be 2 users with the same UserName but with different e-mail (certainly taking into account that we have setup username field on the signup form)? Or there is way to make UserName unique as well?

Well there is, you can define whatever condition on the workflow that signs the user up (when search for users whose username is X’s count is 0). That way you make sure users with such a username don’t exist yet.



Do I understand you correctly - I need to create 2 events in the sign-up workflow:
1st: “When User Signs Up” and "When Input UserName is equal to Do a search for UserName (which is already in database) - will lead to ERROR (alert)
2nd: “When User Signs Up” and "When Input UserName is NOT equal to Do a search for UserName (which is already in database) - will lead to proper sign up

I feel like I overcomplicate it, don’t I?

I would have the condition do a search based on the username in the input and look and the count. Did you try this? That’s the most straightforward way.

emmanuel, sorry, but I don’t quite get it

  • by condition you mean “conditional tab” on the sign up button or what?
  • what do you mean by “look and the count”?

It’d be great if could describe the process step-by-step.

Can you try in the forum_app and then i’ll check it there?

Hi, Emmanuel

Back to this problem.
I added Username field to User + added Input Username to sign-up pop-up.
Really don’t know what to do next. Please assist.

Check out the workflow on your page. I added a condition on the workflow to only run if a username hasn’t been taken.


Scott, thanks so much.

It works)
The thing is that I don’t fully understand function “count”. Will try to have a look in reference - seems like this function could solve a number of problems I currently encounter.

:count is one of the many ways to do things once you have done a “search”.

So you search for the things you want, and then you can modify the results.

:count tells you how many you found (so in this case, if you count is 0 then the username doesn’t already exist).

You can :sort

And :filter

Or just get the :unique items.

Another way of doing the same thing would be to Search for all Users as a “Search for Users doesn’t contain Username”.


Thanks, Nigel

Did the Sign UP form change since this discussion in December ? I would like to add a username but as I double click the default Signup form or the page, I get a different settings window to that of @NigelG above ? Can someone tell me if it changed or how I can find this window where I can add additional data.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there, Nigel’s image above is from the Workflow tab, while you are looking at the popup element in the design view. In the Workflow tab, there is an action called “Sign the User Up.” That’ll get you the dialog box Nigel shows above.

Thankyou @potentialthings.

I think I found it as below. However, I have the “Change Another Field” but not “Save some additional data” . I have tried to add a similar field like email called username to the form design; added a new data type to user called username to see if they will open up this option but they didnt.

Apologise if I am missing something small here.