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Usernames in Bubble

I have noticed a lot of posts about usernames in bubble. Taking on my first project, since it was quite an informal social application I didn’t want users to have to use their government name, and instead thought it would be more fun to have usernames. This is when I hit, what seems to be a big limitation within Bubble. As we all know Bubble is set up to use the users Email address as credentials to login. There is an option to add a custom username field ect but that’s seems to bring limitations in terms of complications when a user forgets their password and custom code and conditions to convert the username into the email address. I still haven’t found a solution that can allow users to create a username with at point of signup that would check that no other users have the same username and doesn’t present administration issues post signup.

Does anyone have a solid solution or advice on the matter? I come to the conclusion now that Bubble is not really set up to handle this functionality “out of the box” and it would be far more simpler to just use Email to sign in and first name as an alias.

Thanks in adv

Firstly yes, this tends to be a big let down in terms of a really crucial functionality (for many apps) that bubble doesn’t support generically.

Whilst there is probably some advanced techniques behind how it can be done I have found that in terms of how much work you’re going to be putting in to make it work is that it’s probably best just to have users sign up and log in with their e-mail.

@officialm6media welcome to the community!

One way could be to create an object (or in Bubblish … a data-type) called “user name”

Award them on a first come first claim basis and add it to the user object. When this field is not empty then it has been awarded. Build logic to avoid awarding duplicates.

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This should not be hard (or maybe I’m misunderstanding the question). Add a username field to the data type user (or use @cmarchan’s solution of a separate data type, probably faster in searches). Require the user to enter a username first, second the email address since you want them to be able to reset a password the default way. Trigger a workflow using event “an-inputs-value-is-changed” to check the validity and existence of the username (and use “only when” to block sign up untill a suitable username is chosen. Add two password fields and use the default actions provided by Bubble to sign up a user. Use button “+ change another field” to add the user name.

To improve UX in case a username is already taken, provide suggestions using extra numbers or words added to the username. F.i. in case username JamesBond is taken, add ‘Turtle’ to it (or ‘007’).

When they have forgotten their password or username you can provide the option to either provide an email address or username to reset the password.


Would you be willing to help me out a little further and create and share a test project with just this functionality in it. I really believe that there are alot of people struggling with this on both the forum and youtube and would be a great help for the community. Thanks

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