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Can i use Username as text field instead of email

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Hi, @NigelG
While I was searching for my question. I landed on this page…
I think you have an answer for my question. So I encouraged myself to ask you.
Is it possible to ‘Sign up an user’ with only ID and PW (instead of using Email)?
I want my users to use only ID and PW not Email at all.
If it is doable, how can I make it happen?

Thank you for reading!

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Hi there,

Yes, entirely possible. Create yourself a dummy email address using [email protected] (doesn’t have to be, but at least you know it won’t go anywhere else if someone uses it).

Then behind the scenes convert id > email each time.

The issue you now have is resetting the password if they forget, but you can’t email it to them !

So you could text them the password reset link or use it from an “Admin” panel to reset if yourself and then ask them to change.

If you want to create the IDs youself then look at the “Create user for someone else” function.



Thank you, @NigelG !
I could feel your kindness all over your thoughtful article.

I just wanted to share what I did for others.
(Even it may cause problem later, it works now. Definitely I need to test more.)

I set input for ID as ‘type of text’ and used ‘append’ like below.

When ID to be shown is like below.

Thank you again~ :cowboy_hat_face:

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