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Can integrate live streaming into my bubble app?

I want to build a platform that has different profiles and the ability to live stream. Is this possible to do with bubble. I am just starting to learn the platform. But before I dive in fully I want to make sure this is a possibility.

Thanks so much for the help ahead of time !


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Do you want to be able to live stream to everyone (public), or do you want to live stream to only people with a link? (private)

Hi Xann thank you for getting back to me!

Im keeping my options open so, both. Private streaming and Public streaming.

What capabilities does bubble have to do this ?

Here’s your answer:

That’s a very old answer. I’m looking into this now and I’m not so sure that’s the case anymore based on where Tokbox/Vonage, Agora, and Twilio are at with live video streaming and plugins.

Hey Alex…
You stated above that you were looking into integrating live streaming into the bubble app… have you had any progress? I’m doing the same thing currently. There are other posts on here with suggestions like vplayed, contusvplay, dacast… I have not tried these. There are a few free plugins as well if you do an online search…but nothing concrete thus far that screams “this works great with bubble”.

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While I haven’t had a project need it yet (just some quotes) the above all have plugins for Bubble. They each have a few advantages depending on how many people you want to live stream too, how easy you want the plugin to be to use, and what price you want to pay.
What’s your experience with Bubble thus far?

Yes, I have integrated Twilio and Zeroqode’s Agora plugin. Honestly, I think they both provide a bad user experience on live video out of the box (without building your own plugin it would be impossible to fully optimize the experience). It’s not easy to match UX like Zoom

My experience is short, i’m no master, but i understand it; Not as easy as the cake walk of WIX, but not as potentially mind numbing as webflow. Obviously bubble is not those, but hopefully you get my drift.

In regards to the streaming…
The app I’m working on now, a part of it would allow a user to live stream themselves (like youtube) and be viewable by anyone who clicks on the link/page. No log in required to view. I don’t think i will have a viewing amount issue, as no one will know this app exists. And if I do hit a wall, that would be a good problem…to be prepared for. Price is probably entry level. I’ve seen free (less than desired UX) and minimal pricing (25 per month). But most don’t have prices listed that i’ve looked into.

If you have any thoughts on the streaming, feel free to share.

Hey Evan…
Bad user experience is a no go. I know of zoom, but have not used it in any way. Almost all of the possibilities i’ve found are verbally directed towards business for conferences, wbinars, etc etc. But that’s not what I’m going to use it for.

I’m going to use the streaming plugin (which ever one I figure out will be the best for me use), similiar to youtube; i’ll install the plugin on my bubble app, and when it goes live, a person can sign up, and then live stream something…viewable by anyone.

Just not sure which way to go, at least to start, with a live streaming plugin.

I would say that Twilio is the easiest from a developer side as it is widely used. If you’ve set it up for text or used Sendgrid for emails (owned by them), then it makes it even easier. Though when we were quoting recently we decided on Agora for pricing and decent ease of use, though we would have had to build a custom plugin for it to save the recordings. No plugin presently saves live recordings.

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@alex, do I understand correct that any pricing concerns relating to Twilio or Agora video evaporates if one intends on charging their users per minute for video chat on their app? (as far as I understand both Twilio and Agora charge minimal pay as you go per minute amounts for their video chat apis)

That is correct. Sorry for the late reply, missed this. And their per minute uses are very low.

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By the way, in case you want to create a live streaming app, I think it would be a good idea to learn more about live streaming app development. This article will help you:

If you need to host a live service, you can try using this plugin with Agora: Easy Live Streaming with Agora Plugin | Bubble

Everything is straightforward in that plugin, and it is easy to use.

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If you’re serious about this, I’d definitely consider using @lola’s excellent plugin, along with the Mux integration packaged with @pork1977gm’s spectacular Video.JS plugin. Happy building :beers:

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Thanks for the shoutout @ada happy to help with the Daily plugin or answer any questions if you have them!