Can no more access my app, error 400!

Hey there,

I can no more access both my dev and live apps, I get an 400 error.

FYI : I have a custom domain, managed with Google Domains. But set up and working fine for months.

Anyone else having the same issue ?

tracert and ping request work fine using both IP addresses attached to my custom domain.
My custom domain is correctly resolved using nslookup, I get the 2 IP addresses.

I had domain issues and busy app issues yesterday and it started again today. Submit a bug report. Hope Bubble can find a solution.

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Thanks for your feedback @myflappd ,
I’ve already sent an email to Bubble support, but you’re right, I will also submit a bug report, at least for tracking purpose.

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Hum… we are several experiencing intermittent issues with “unreachable apps” (error 400). In fact we are “at least” 2, and our registrar is Google domains.

To test if G Domains was the issue, I’ve removed the custom domain fr my app and I have also uncheck the “redirect all requests to the domain”, to ensure that I can reach my app using the domain.

Result : my app remains unreachable, even using the Bubble domain …

@Bubble : I have opened a bug report + sent an email to . Could you please have a look, it’s an outage …

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This was the same exact issue I had yesterday… I thought it was a DDoS attack

It’s back online now, but I haven’t heard from Bubble after their initial email back to me

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Ok, so we’re at least 3 …

Not a DDoS attack, for the last 2 days, I have an page views average under 100 pages viewed per day…

@johnny : Is Google your domain registrar too ?

Hmm… ok maybe mine might not be related. Might actually be a DDoS attack because of:

But even if it was a DDoS attack I had no way to mitigate with Cloudflare’s DDoS mode because that’s all under Bubble’s control…

Yes I use Google Domains too

One thing interesting !

If I delete ALL cookies from my browser cache, I succeed to connect my app. And I can browse my app pages until I connect my account, then : app unreachable, error 400.

Issue linked to cookies ?!

Remark :
I’ve setup iubenda to manage cookies consent. My app becomes unreachable as soon as I give my consent for cookies using the iubenda banner !..

@Bubble : any idea on what happens ?

Lol, I think our issues are separate but my whole site is down again -__-

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