Bubble - outage?

My apps built with Bubble are currently not reachable.

I am getting a message " This site can’t be reached. Server IP address could not be found. ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED"

I am not able to ping the sites either.

Is there an outage currently? I checked the status page and it shows everything is fine.

Did some more investigation.
I am able to reach my apps with appname.bubbleapps.io
I am NOT able to reach them with their domain name
It looks like there is a problem on Bubble’s DNS / name resolution.

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@emmanuel and Bubble leadership/support team:
My sites built with bubble have been down now for a few hours. For urgent/critical situations like this (where the site is down due to a problem on Bubble side), what is the resolution time that I should expect from Bubble?
Does Bubble have monitoring in place to catch issues like this?

The sites just came back online. Thanks to whoever fixed it. I appreciate it. I would still like to understand the root cause of this problem, and what steps will be taken to prevent such problems in the future.

With situations like this, it’s best to done a bug report. That’s how the team would interact with you and provide updates. Bubble.is/bug_report

Thanks @andrewgassen
I had already created a bug report (#6946) earlier today. I am looking forward to hearing back on the root cause and what steps will be done going forward, to prevent this from happening. If this cannot be prevented, atleast automated monitoring should be in place to catch and fix this issue before customers get impacted.

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Bubble does have monitoring.

It seems odd that you were the only one affected ?

I am sure Bubble has monitoring. But does it monitor the service that is responsible for DNS/name resolution? Also - if the users are on a professional/higher plan, with dedicated servers, where is the status page for this? The bubble status page (status.bubble.is) only shows the status of the shared bubble main cluster.

Professional is not on a dedicated server, but it does have reserved capacity. I know that’s confusing. The only plan not on shared infrastructure is “Dedicated Solution,” which you can only access by contacting Bubble directly.

All that to say, the status page is applicable for every plan you purchase yourself, and I imagine there’s a different solution for folks on the Dedicated plan.

Thanks for the clarification @andrewgassen
What are your thoughts on the root cause? When this problem happened, I was able to reach the load balancer (, and I could reach the apps with their appname.bubbleapps.io
I could NOT reach them via their domain name. I have 5 apps on Bubble and it happened to all of them at the same time. Since I was not making any changes on my end, and it was all up previously, I know that it was not something on my end.

Digging through the forum, I found this note from @josh several months ago. I wonder if it is the same issue - and if so, what is the latest update on resolving it?

I’m not sure, this didn’t impact any of my apps so I’m not sure what to think. Hopefully the Bubble team gets back to you on your big report!

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