Google address API not working

I followed these steps exactly:

And I have a SearchBox with choices style geographic location and field to modify is correctly set to Location (with geographic places as the field type).

I have tried with and without autobinding.

But when I type in the location box, there are not autofilled options — and thus it’s impossible to set my User’s location.

Why would this fail?

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Hey @hi17

It happened to me too, try removing the searchbox element from the page and adding a new one (don’t cut/paste it)

I just did that and it did not work.

I don’t understand why this would not work when:

  1. It’s inside a group of type User
  2. It’s set to autobind Location
  3. Location is a field in User set as geographic address

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 9.44.46 AM

@hi17 are you sure you activated billing in your Google account?

Yes, it’s activated.

Hi @hi17

I am having the same issue, right after I added my own API the auto-search stopped working. I wonder if you have it solved? Thanks.

@hi17 Just found the solution!

Here @Thimo explained with details and i was able to fix it with the instructions and links that he provided! :partying_face:

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