Can people find my public apps somehow?

Hello, I’m new to the service and very exited, I want to practice producing apps and learn.
but I don’t want somebody to steal my future idea while i try to develop it…

Where are the public apps shown to people? Can people can find my public apps somehow?


It become public if any robot scan it, and publish it, or you share your link here in the forum. Just use username password on your first page, until the app is finished.

Development versions of an app are not indexed by default, see robots.txt in your Settings/SE Settings page.

I tend to back up publicly shared apps to not-easily-guessable names so they are fairly secure.

Ok thank you… the @JohnM advice to add password-username on first page doesn’t make much sense to me because people can access and edit public apps anyway, right @NigelG ?

I read his question to infer, “Who can find, and clone, my open source (public on Bubble) apps”?

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You right, anyone after with the link, can modify and see you app. Not fun…

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Where are the public apps shown to people?

They aren’t unless you share the link.Development apps are not indexed by search engines.

Can people can find my public apps somehow?

They can’t unless you share the link.

If people can spend time brute forcing the name on my app to get the link, they got to much free time for sure :0

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When you look at the address of your app it is a subdomain of the main top level domain

If you perform a reverse DNS lookup on this domain, it only shows 1 application running here, and no idea why that one even shows up! So apart from the 1 domain, it is correctly blocking dns zone transfers.

However, it wouldn’t take much to setup and perform a webscrape and iterate each possible sub-domain to find out what is there. I just tried putting in a few random domains, and found something on each one at the /version-test/. Try it, a, b, demo, test, bubble

So, can someone find your app, yes. If you are concerned, use the application level username and password setting in the settings tab, this will stop prying eyes.

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Have I missed that ? Can you protect Public apps ?

No, that’s my bad…it’s the terminology again! Public Source apps cannot be protected using the settings option, it is unavailable except to private.

What is the porpouse of the constrain of limiting private apps?

I would understand if there was an index where to explore public apps, so it would be a way to make people sharing more apps and so on… but the way it is set now seems to me just a strange way of pushing people to subscribe a plan, being scared of their own app privacy… limiting the workflows per mounth seems enough to me, to push people to upgrade plan…

not criticizing… just trying to understand…

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Private Apps are not private, it is only the source in the editor that is private.

The apps are still released into the Public view, but no one can see how they work in the backend/under the hood.

The terminology is catching people out.

You may still want to put a password onto the private app while in development, so that no-one can see the pages/content, until you are ready to let it loose on the internet for all to use.


And somewhat more fundamentally, all the DATA is visible in a Public App. You really don’t want to go live with an app in which all your customer’s data is in public view.

So it allows people to experiment, but you really need to pay when you want to publish and get it live.

You might also want to lock down your dev version of your private app once live, so you don’t have people seeing your next iterations.

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I made a summary of quotes that solve the question.

until you are ready to let it loose on the internet for all to use

When this time arrives… Can I promote my app using or do I have to use link always?

Yes. Settings > Domain.