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Public apps vs private

If the new created app is set up as public then bubble says anyone can edit it. My question is how can someone come across my app and mess around? Is there a place to browse apps made by other users?
also, is it possible to redirect a custom domain to public app?

We don’t list them anywhere, but we could at some point. It’s very much like Github repos. Generally speaking, if the data is sensitive, private is safer.

Yes, you can redirect your public app to a custom domain.


Emmanuel, thanks
i have redirected my cyrillic domain which is seen as http://гдеянахожусьсейчас.рф/
but it still doesn’t work. Here is a screenshot of DNS settings. The registrar doesn’t let to leave the field blank so @ is used instead. Can you please check if it looks good? I did it according the instructions in Bubble settings panel

an update to my last message. Today I see this message
Oops! You’ve pointed гдеясейчаснахожусь.рф to Bubble, but we don’t have an application associated with this domain yet!

but I’m sure that this гдеясейчаснахожусь.р is associated with my public app

perhaps this syntaxis is not supported at the moment? Can you solve that?

You’re using a cyrillic domain name? We need to check if Amazon supports that. Don’t see why it wouldn’t, but you never know, we never had such a situation yet. Can you email us for this?

yes, it’s a cyrillic domain гдеянахожусьсейчас.рф but when typed in browser it’s automatically gets redirected to this xn--80aahefajv1bl1ade1a1a1a8gub.xn--p1 (it’s like that with all cyrillic domains). So the latter is what I have indicated in bubble settings (it wouldn’t allow putting the cyrillic syntaxis) .
Ok I will email about this.

Any update on this ?

We didn’t get an email. Please email us for this, as it’s particular to your account (see my previous post)

strange, i’ve sent it same day. I’ve resent it again now.
Please see if you have received it.

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