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Public & Private Apps

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone else is facing this. I have a number of apps (in red) that are private in the settings but show as public in the app explorer.

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As usual, a bug report is way to go.

May be we should kill the bug category (but then people post things anyway…)

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Agreed that the first reflex is to share with the forum, and often, a bug is considered a problem with something wrong with individual… As you said, people post things anyway, not in a bad way, but it’s also good to see in realtime (before reaching the bug support), hoping anyone can help. It will be interesting to have a link to bug report each time you asked to fill a bug report :slight_smile: so we can count eventually how many time per year your’s asking :slight_smile:


Yes exactly. I always try to post on the forum before filling the bug report. This of course in hopes that’s in not just me that’s doing something wrong and to confirm its really a bug.

I would imagine alot of bug reports being filled incorrectly without this category.


True. In his case though, when it says private in the editor and public in the home screen, it is obviously something buggy, since you’re not doing anything yourself there.

Your right. Got it

Just wondering, let’s say you have setup an app to demo your plugin, and your plugin requires Key/Secrets, shown in the setting plugins.

Are these credentials open or hidden if they (meaning not the owner of the app) browse through the app editor ?