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Can someone add in Add member to guild For my api application please 🙏

Hello, I’m currently the owner of the DIsList.Me Discord Plugins Known As
discord—fixed-some-major-issues & discord-bot-push-and-gets

Now with this said
I’ve come across a tad issue and I’m hoping :pray: that someone may help me here as I’m obviously not understanding how to perform this api call via discord more on the call can be found here

If someone can fork my plugin as they are open source and add it in then let me know it mean the world As I Can not progress with out this :frowning_face: !!

P.s :heart: Thank you Team for allowing me to develop a site like but 100% better … (mind you my sites of course is still a WIP = work in progress)

Hey @moran.storm.5050,

I was actually working on getting the Add Guild API call working for Discord too. Haven’t had a chance to try out a solution @lantzgould suggested, but check out the thread!

Thank you for your reply @johnny but sad to say this didnt help me any more then what im already at like i said my plugins for discord functions on the bubble market are the most complete to date im just really having issues obtaining a key now if i had a script like buddy was using in that thread you sent above then maybe that work im not sure tho as it seems to be refreshing the token i get before the claimed 64000ms times out

again im in dire need of help if anyone can help ive even contacted as im paid regarding this issue as to my paid support and well… no response back yet