Discord API - Add Guild Member

Hey Bubblers,

Has anyone successfully gotten the Add Guild Member API working with Discord? I’ve been trying to figure it out, but got stuck.

This is where I’ve gotten to: I’ve setup an oAuth connection within the API connector. Discord says that they need the guilds.join scope which I included.

It also says it needs an access_token, but I’m not sure how to get that. Any tips?

API Documentation:

Haven’t really played with Discord, but according to the docs if you change the response type it should return the token? I’d have to dig deeper, but this is my first stab at it…


hey mate im really in need of help check this topic out :pray: Can someone add in Add member to guild For my api application please 🙏

Got the plugin finally built welcome m8s :wink: post url once its live on bubble.io/plugins - dually note though that this will only work with the other 2 plugins … well work best anyways with the other two discord api plugins I’ve made

So i did find this which may help others btw [Showcase] Manual OAuth2 Token Integration

Hey Johnny, did you ever get this working?