Limited data in repeating group

HI! Anyone knows if Bubble has placed any restrictions on displaying data on the preview mode? I have created several users and when I tried to display all my users in a repeating group that search for users, I only get 1 result, the user Im currently logged in with.

I contacted the bubble support time but haven’t received an answer in a week. I need to know if I can keep using bubble or not.

Thanks in advance for your reply

Hi there, @medios… what you are experiencing is likely related to the default privacy rule on the User data type, and that rule is This User is Current User. With that rule in place, users can only see their own data, and that is consistent with what you are describing. So, check your privacy rules, and if you see the rule I mentioned above, either remove it or modify it so it meets the needs of your app, and you should be good to go.


Check privacy rule for user table

Yes! That was it! Thank you so much @mikeloc

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Yes! It was the privacy rule. Thank you @vinaytadahal

Hi again Mike! Hey Im havin a new issue now, it seems to be related to privacy as well. The problem is that when I place a link or make a workflow to go visit the user profile page of the corresponding user of a given cell, it will send me to the user profile page of the current user, instead of the user of the cell. I already removed all privacy rules and even tried to create new one given all permission when a user is logged in, but its not working. Do you know why is that? Thanks again for your help bro!

Can you share some screenshots? Are you sending the current cell’s user to the profile page?

Yes. Im sending the user to the profile page using the “?id=” expression, followed by the id dynamic data correspinding to the current cell user. That has worked for me before just fine. But not this time. I even tried to make it using a workflow with a navigation function, but still, it will send me to the current user profiel, not the cell’s user profile.

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