Can someone help me (I'm new)

I want to create a Tinder-like app for memes. If the user swipes right, the meme will get a credit. The memes with a good amount of credits are shown to other people. If the user swipes left, the meme will lose the credit. Once the meme is a less than 10 (or any amount, depending if the app becomes more popular) it will be removed. Their will also be a limit of the amount of image on the server. The user will also be able to post a photo from his gallery. No login will be required. This will also be made for Android. If someone could help, it would be appreciate!

What specifically do you need help with? All of this is possible with Bubble and there is even a tinder pile plugin, which takes care of the swiping right/left for you. There is a video course on building a tinder-like application with Bubble. I would suggest you start there and adapt it for the app you want to build.


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