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New Course! Build a swiping dating app like Tinder (and launch on Android)

Excited to share the latest Bubble course I’ve been working on!

Code-Free Matching: Build a Swiping Dating App like Tinder

After taking this course you'll be able to:
  • build a matching algorithm based on location + user preferences
  • match users and connect them via chat
  • use a machine learning API to analyze users’ faces and predict preferences
  • use an object-oriented programming style in Bubble for better database structure
  • import to Android Studio to submit your app to the Google Play store

This course shows you everything you need to know to get your idea into a functional MVP on the Google Play Store in just around 30 hours. And to celebrate the launch, I'm running a deal to signup by this Friday, 4/28. When you sign up for a plan [here]( starting at $39/month (with discount) - you will get 20% off for 12 months by using the code "cfstinderlaunch" at checkout. Just click the rocket icon to reveal the secret coupon area.

(screenshots from the app we build in the course)

2018 update: Code-Free Startup has been acquired by Zeroqode :tada:- any questions can now be directed to @ZeroqodeSupport or [email protected]


I also think it would be helpful when discussing features/build strategies in this forum to connect them to business ideas. So here are some app ideas for the Tinder functionality:

  • Sell a networking app to conferences to match up attendees and help them connect their guests
  • Create a specialized version of Tinder for specific communities like college campuses or just for fans of the same sports team
  • Build a better shopping app: Give users 100 different items to swipe through and use their preferences to serve up the latest products they’d like. (Could be used with Amazon affiliate links as the business model)
  • Connect people for non-dating purposes: Build a Tinder for travel buddies or to help people find others for a game of pickup basketball
  • Improve online dating: Tinder has recently lost a lot of users to Bumble, a dating app that uses the same swiping model, but tweaks the chat so that the woman in the match has control to start or block the conversation. There’s still a lot of room for improvement with swiping dating apps.

Has anyone else played around with the Tinder-pile functionality for an app?

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Thanks! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

I did the course and it is very good. The only problem is that when getting the app to android with your template some functions don’t work such as uploading pictures and logging in with Facebook. Also, I had to add permission for the app to get the precise location which was not in the template you supplied. Maybe this could be addressed in the course or edited?

I was promised a free month to any MVP course if I invited 7 friends. I still can’t access, could you help me with that?

Happy to! Send me an email at [email protected]

Cool stuff @brentsum

Were you able to get picture uploader to work inside android using android studio?

Does this show it?

Yep, but it’s a little complex. There’s a student that outlines the proccess in the comments section, but it took a bit of code editing to add the picture uploader into Android Studio. Other students are just skipping the headache and using GoNative or CodeCanyon

@brentsum I am looking to use the Tinder Like plugin for something a little different.

I want the user to be able to upload an image then that image to go into Tinder Like Pile. So after uploading numerous images, they can only swipe to view their own photos?

Is this possible?

Definitely possible, you’d just need to set the data source of the Tinder Pile to the user’s own photo collection. Let me know if you have questions while building!

Cool stuff,
I’m looking for tinder app like plugin for my school information system.
So admin just upload photos (from gallery or camera) and then user or public (app users) can swipe to view the photos. Is it possible?

Hey @brentsum, looking to build a user to user chat system for my app (similar to LinkedIn) would the chat feature in your Tinder course be a good for this? Struggling with creating the proper database table structure for threads/messaging.

Thanks and looking forward to taking the course if so.

Does this work for ios and uploading to the Apple App store?

Yep! I’d currently recommend using DropSource, and I made a video explaining how to use it and alternatives:

Free Download Latest VersionTinder App APK for Android.

Brent, this class looks great but I accidentally signed up for another class I don’t need. Can you un-enroll me from that class so I can enroll in this swipe-app class? Thank you.

As some users reached out asking where is the link to this course, I decided to update here.
The new home for this course is here:


Hey @levon. Do you think your team could revisit this tutorial. I posted in your forum, but this specific one no longer works. Adding a notes section to each video could allow your team to add notes for changes.

Tutorial: Smart Calendar Booking System Course
Video Lesson: 3
Timemarker: 13:38

Hi @josh10 thanks for reaching out!
yes, we are definitely going to update all our tutorials, but we want to do so only once Bubble rolls out their updated editor design, otherwise if do revisit the tutorials now we’ll have to do it again soon :slight_smile:
Hope it makes sense
and thanks again for you considerations!

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