I'm a noob. Help create create custom search box please

I’m trying to with Input, Group focus and Repeat group to make a search box. I also made the data type a bit more complex using one data type through another. With the plugin “ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete” everything was going well, but when it came to clicking on the select in the Repeat group I got stuck. Bubble | No-code apps
My-test-app-dummy | Bubble Editor
If the Input text as initial content then the plugin does not work. I can’t think of another method and I don’t know how to make the plugin work in this case.

Hey! There are plenty of ways to accomplish a custom search box but I have just released a plugin that allows you to customize the native bubble Searchbox which saves a ton of headaches.

See my post here:

Yeah, I didn’t describe my problem correctly. When typing the first letter in the Input I created, the list of matches words shows from group focus. I want this word to be entered into the input when clicked and the filtering to work on the Repeat group, but I can’t do that. And I know paid plugins work great, but I want to do it with the free tools at hand.

Got it. There is two methods I use to achieve this.

Method 1:
i - Create a page state of type text.
ii - Set the ‘Default value’ of you input field to be this page state.
iii - When the repeating group cell is clicked, set the page state to that cells text value and reset relevant inputs

Method 2:
i - Create an align to parent group and inside this group place an input. Now place another group that completely covers the input… let’s call it this input mask. Inside the input mask create a text. field.
ii - Create a workflow so that when the input mask is clicked, you set focus to your input. When a repeating group entry is clicked, display the data in the input mask. When the input mask is clicked when it has data, reset the groups data to be empty.

The demo app for my plugin actually shows something like this this in action for the dropdown component I made. This field does not use a plugin.

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Thank you! I like to see how the applications of others are arranged. The search in my application worked almost the same way with display the data in the group, but due to the fact that I myself made a challenge with a double date type in one search, I got confused how to do it next. Seeing how your application is arranged, I realized that I need to add a dummy repeat group to make it work.

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