Can strikethrough be applied to multiline input?

I’m trying to get a Multiline Input’s value to be displayed with a strikethrough format.

It seems that it is possible with a Text element: Strike Through Text

However, in my current UI design, I am using input fields which are disguised as text fields through formatting, so that a mere click on the text will switch to an editable mode.

In this case too, there is a condition where the field’s text should be struckthrough.

Any hints?

Ok not the easiest way to do this but I did figure out a solution for you! It requires CSS but only the smallest amount.

You can take a look at it here editor link

make sure you look at how the element ID is working and the html element is detecting individual input areas. If you need help feel free to message me!


Hi, looking into this now. Thanks!

But er… where do I look for the CSS? :sweat_smile:

Okay I found it:

Okay I tried to mimic what you did but it didn’t work. I believe it’s because my layout is a bit different as I have the Multi-Line input in a group inside the cell.

2020-03-23 (1)

I have the HTML element in side the group, as a sibling of the input.

I can see that you managed to add an element ID to the MultiLine input, but I cannot see how you achieved that.

Wow I figured it out! I had to activate the Attribute ID in Settings!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Sorry I wasn’t around earlier today to get you through this a bit quicker. I’m glad to see you managed to get through it though!!

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Hi Locky, Thanks a lot for the solution.
How would you also change the color of the text?
It seems setting a conditional in the input itself doesn’t work as the html element gets priority. I tried adding
color: #hex_code;
in the curly brackets of the CSS
but didn’t work.
Kinda confused haha. Thanks

This was helpful. Thanks!