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Formatting text in multiline input

I’ve created a multiline input element and I want to allow the user to input their text entry and when they hit the return key I would like to format the text inside of the input area as an unordered list element. Is this possible?

What do you mean by this? Can you share an example?

I am creating a draggable element that allows the user to move it all over the screen. They can enter notes inside of it. (multiline text entry element). It’s intended to be a small draggable notepad that sits on top of an application allowing a user to take notes whenever they want to.

I want the text created in the notepad to be formatted a certain way but only after a user clicks the ‘Enter’ key or ‘Return’ key. Once they do that, I want the previously entered text to be formatted with a bullet or as an unordered list.

Hopefully that describes it a bit better. Let me know.