Can’t publish a new plugin version: Unexpected server error: please report the code parameter to the team

There has been an issue publishing the plugin, please try again.

Am I the only one?

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Any news @sam.morgan ?
Ticket 25928

@redvivi I am experiencing the same thing…

@sam.morgan @bubble

and my plugin editor looks weird too

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 11.33.09 AM

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Yeah, it looks like the endpoint always returns 500. (@alex.stanescu)

While the error wasn’t happening yesterday, I did notice yesterday that a patch version submit resulted in the “Bubble is reviewing your plugin” message instead of committing right away. Never seen that happen before.

Anyway, it seems from other threads that Bubble and Bubble apps are throwing 500 errors all over the place just now.

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@marcus3, That’s this general issue with FontAwesome in Bubble that happens to me all the freakin time. A significant portion of the time, FontAwesome icons don’t load. This also happens in the Bubble editor and in Bubble apps and I’ve noted it frequently in my recent videos.

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Thanks for sharing! Assumed it was closely related but apparently it’s likely just a distant relative.

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have the same issue

I needed to push an urgent fix, but this one was preventing

so, the system publishes a new plugin version, but it’s under review and not viewable for upgrading on the app side
but there is a way to force an app to use the needed version:

1 Like, that’s interesting! (But yes as you say, at the moment, submitting new version still throws a 500 and one gets the “under review” nonsense.)

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yeah, that frustrates

“This is why we can’t have nice things.”



This is still borked and it’s really annoying because I have some cool new stuff to push to Floppy today (oh, and the update from yesterday that never published).

To make this comment worthwhile perhaps to someone, I’m going to note that my flash “Halloween” sale on Floppy continues, but now it’s a “Bubble Broke the Plugin Ecosystem Twice in One Week” flash sale that will continue until the plugin builder returns to normal operation. :man_shrugging:

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Any update @sam.morgan ? Perhaps @grace.hong ?
Multiple issues are raising on my end due to - unfortunately - a rogue library update today crashing some of my plugins, which I can’t fix due to broken plugin builder.

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Teve algum parecer sobre esse erro ?

Any update on this @sam.morgan ? We have not been able to publish any plugins for quite some time!

@sam.morgan Our company is highly dependent on the ability to use the plugin builder. Can we please have an update on this issue?

Hey All - our engineering team is actively working on this. I’m sorry I don’t have any more concrete updates to report - but we are working as efficiently as we can to track down and resolve the issue.


Thanks ffor the update

Hey everyone - the fix should be live for this. Please let us know if you are experiencing ongoing issues.


@sam.morgan , may I suggest to issue a post-mortem for this?

This mishap has had quite come consequences for my plugin users.
Had it happened on a bad day (say for instance ddos on requiring plugin emergency updates), that would have been quite unfortunate.