Can we build SAAS with bubble?

Dear gurus,

I just came to this bubble tools while i am looking for a development platform to deliver an SAAS model to clients.
Meaning other than username, password, i plan to introduce a “client id” field during login, to allow users to login to my apps.
The charging model should be
Bubble > Me > clients

As a newbie to bubble, i am not sure if it’s feasible? Because my clients basically doesn’t pay to use app built on top of Or did i violate any term?

Thanks for the clarifications

Bubble is built to allow you to build SaaS products. Your use case is exactly why Bubble exists!


Thanks, in that case i would invest some time and effort on this toy :slight_smile:
Btw, can i have some client list who using bubble? it would be great if those are from government, banking & finance, or healthcare because these are clients who care bout security most. I would also like to gain some more confident on this kit

Defo - check out and - both SaaS of mine built on Bubble


Hey Reece,
I see that in the case of sendpilot you may have built the website in another platform other than bubble, and built the app in bubble separately.
I wonder if you can share your experience, or thoughts on how to create a more cohesive experience typical of many mainstream SaaS products, either using Bubble alone or in concert with another website builder?

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Hi Kurt,

Yes, I’m a designer by background and came from Webflow so it’s my go-to for website design.

However, nothing comes close to Bubble for app design (without code) so it’s a match made in heaven really for building SaaS products! You can of course just build everything on Bubble if you don’t have the Webflow skills yet its just my personal preference.

You only need to link them together with a simple hyperlink from the webflow site to the Bubble app :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m working through ways to make Webflow and Bubble look the same when a user switches from one to the other. I I think the way most people are doing it is using a subdomain on webflow to point to the bubble app.
From an architecture standpoint have you used bubble sub-apps to create the multi-tenancy data separation needed for security? Here is a thread on that topic.
Is there anything else you can recommend from an architecture standpoint?
Have you seen any bubble web apps that look even close to as pretty as webflow does?
Cheers, Kurt