New to Bubble - SaaS App

For the veterans out here with Bubble… I want to build a single app that I can offer to other businesses. Essentially a SaaS app like many out there, but obviously very specific to an industry. What plan would you use to do this and would you use a main app and sub apps for this? Sub app for each new client? Or is it easy to just use Team or Pro and have a signup process where each new client gets a new instance of the app. I haven’t began building anything yet. We are also an agency, so we could use the agency app as well. We will use the app first in our own business and then get it to a point where we offer it to the public.

What do you mean by “instance” of the app? If you’re looking at having,, etc, you’ll likely need to use apps and sub apps. If you want, you can do that within one app.

I’d only worry about upgrading plans when you’re close to launch or need to schedule regularly recurring workflows. Others may have other opinions, but that’s how I’ve approached it. Happy Bubbling!

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Easy? Yes, in a way. But it is not a hands-off process. Automation of sub app creation is not possible. There is quite a lot written about this in the forums that is searchable.

I’d suggest following @andrewgassen advice. Might as well start building the app and as you make progress consider the sub app route at that time you’re onboarding a client. Architecturally, there will be differences between the two strategies Andrew mentioned but not so much that you can’t convert what you build for yourself and branch off a new instance. Make sure you create a data type and system around private groups of users. This is key to building a single app that can house multiple clients. You wouldn’t want to build it in a way that locks you in too much down the road.

Thanks for the replies. The basic idea is to build and use internally for our business and then offer what we build out to other like companies.