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Evaluating Bubble for build a front-end of a SaaS Start Up

Good evening to all …

First at all I will like to ask apologizes, English is no my native language, so have mercy, second just to recognize Bubble’s Team work… is amazing the concept
seems like is the beginning of a new generation of techno’s those who’s design work-flows as a product whit out any knowledge in code or any skills on that. A new world of

Last week i meet Bubble, since then I’m following videos, tutorials and post about Bubbles features, internals, etc. I manage to understand the functional model and may be I`m wrong but I realize the true product here is not the web/mobile app you build in Bubble, is the materialization of a testable measurable and scalable work-flow with noticeable cost reduction in development test and deployment is the “golden feature” here, at least for a non-coder like me…

I decide to evaluate Bubble as the development platform for a SaaS Start Up, details are tedious, but just to summarize Company offers a combination of soft,infra & professional services all on demand all trough a simple interface but a complex work flow. (pretty much standard right?).
Also just to clarify the main product of this company is already developed, only build the admin, management and final user front end is pending. We look for Bubble to do this.

Regarding to make the final jump I have some questions and I would appreciate if you can share some thoughts about.


  • An Minimum Value Product for a Saas start up generated in Bubble appears as the
    best equation cost-benefit investment. Less development cost, less testing cost,
    less deployment cost… less administration cost sounds perfect.

  • The product “work flow as a service” (just a name…) has low cost of generation.
    It aloud methods changes (optimization - swaps - breakdown) whit out impact in the production and minor penalties in costs.

  • Plug-ins is the way to expand and connect almost any module of the application to
    improve the service and our front-end app.

  • Bubble can build complex apps whit out any hassle, contact list to ERP you name it…
    Sky is the limit

that said… i will like some feedback about:

  • Is any document explaining the backgrounds of Bubble, i mean putting in graphics this is the
    SO, this is the Database this is the approach… sorry if the question is not proper…

  • Does exist a tool for documenting projects (apps) in order to make them modular, i mean some elements need to have specs and will be nice to have it in docs. Just to make a tool chest of reusable elements whit some order. (I saw some market place of templates… looks like the concept is perfect but oriented to my apps only or like a feature…)

  • How should be the approach to plan the evolution of a app (let’s say project ) in a road map? Exist or is possible to attach some functionalities like JIRA or GIT(something)
    as a tool to develop further versions of the project?

  • Bubble is made in Bubble, this means exist a Bubble code, conventions, styles etc. Is there some doc explaining that… i mean is something accessible for users or a proper thing to ask?

Now the last and the reason of the post…

Regarding the good scenario for a SaaS Start Up whit a MVP developed & hosted in Bubble cause the cost-benefit relationship. Is very likely in some point external development is needed or for some reason outside hosting (from Bubble) is a must (some clients of my industry are paranoid about security)
For those reasons I can think, access to an alternative production stage will appear once the project is mature. To clarify: let’s assume my client wants a local version of the apps… hosted in its infrastructure so to do this I need to build a new production stack.

Was said Bubble doesn’t generate any code, but Bubble Team can assist the migration in case of need (as i read in the site)

So my question is

Can I consider Bubble as my exclusive proof of concept - development - test platform?
and once the project or the version is tested and ready to production migrate to a
external infrastructure?

Do you consider the chance to offer this as a service?
I will understand code is not an option regarding the design structure and things like this
automatically is not easy to implement.
But a stack of images or appliances to put in external cloud vendors like AWS, Google, etc can be done (of course out of Bubble Admin duties)? Will Bubble consider this option as a service?

Thanks for your attention and apologizes for my poor English…



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