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Can you export styles from one app to another?

On one of my apps, under the Styles menu, I’ve customized each element to my own design. I already have another app up and running with the default theme.

Is there a way to export the customized styles from one app and import it on another? Am I able create my own theme?

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Hey @ethan, :slight_smile: I believe the only way to do this is at the moment to copy+paste each defined Style individually (though importing/exporting themes would be really helpful!). If you go to the Styles tab, and right-click a Style to ‘Copy’, then go to the other app’s Styles tab, you’ll be able to right-click Paste them.

Good to know I can copy the styles and paste it, I was creating them manually on the new app, but this is faster.

I can definitely see a big use for saving themes and sharing them across the apps (and even the community).

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Absolutely! Creating/sharing (or even selling) themes would save a ton of time.

Added a topic under the idea category: Save, export, and share themes

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