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Can You Make The Email Field Unique?

How can I make the email field unique so that people cannot continue to submit the same email address to the below notification form multiple times:

Or is there a way to check for the email address in the database BEFORE creating another thing?

You can either:

  1. Use the “create an account for someone else” action to create a user, thus preventing the same email from being used.

  2. When submitting the form, use “Do a search for Things:first item is empty” where one of the filters of the search is the email field’s value.

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Seems this has changed or something since the Documentation was written because I cannot create/add a password for the Newly created user for someone else…

The solution is great. I want to create a Notification, then create a user for Someone Else, and then add that Notification to the Users list of notification BUT… the system does not allow me to make changes to any other user but Myself (current user) which means I cannot add the result of step 1 (notification) to the New User.