Restrict multiple new message email notification from same user

Good day everyone. I have managed to create an email notification for users when they receive a new message. The send email command was added to the “send message button” workflow. Such that, after a user types a message and hits send " an email is sent to the recipient to notify them of a new message"


Now i want to avoid situations whereby the recipients receives multiple emails because a user clicks send after every sentence and sends 3 sentences for example.

User 1.
message: Hello
user 1 clicks send: email notification sent to recipient

After a few seconds.

user 1 again.
message: Are you there?
user 1 clicks send again: Another email notification sent to recipient

This will frustrate the recipient and will likely make then unsubscribe from the email notification

Hi there, @ehijiagboneclement… I’m sure you are saving the message somewhere, so, can you put a condition on the email action to send the email only when a message to the specified user hasn’t been created within a certain timeframe (e.g., the last 15 minutes)?


Thank you so much.

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