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Cancel Bulk Operation

Is there any way to cancel a large bulk database operation?

Also, I’ve always assumed but never tested that the workflow continues after the tab is closed. Is that true?

I’m assuming you don’t mean this as “cancel a scheduled API workflow” for example, which is possible. I’m interpreting your description as starting some kind of database operation in an in-app workflow.

There’s no way to stop an action once it has initiated, and it will keep running after you close the window, assuming there are no more actions required for it to do so. Meaning that if you close the window, it won’t proceed to the next action item in the workflow, but it will finish what it has already started.

Although I don’t know any specifics, Bubble also seems to initiate some workflows in parallel. So if you do a step-by-step debugging and close the window between to steps, I suspect you’ll find some operations have still been executed.

Thanks for the reply!
I was specifically talking about the Bulk button in the editor. It does seem to continue until it’s finished regardless of the window being open or not. You do lose the progress bar though so I wonder if there’s a way to check the status after you’ve closed the window and returned.

Ah, ok. Since this is basically scheduling an API workflow, I would expect it to finish no matter what you do, since the operation happens server-side.

I agree. A button in the editor to kill a Schedule on a list or a recursive workflow will be great. When you run and discover later on a mistake, it can take so long…