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Bulk Operation's Not Completing

I have had to run a bulk operation that deletes things (300 entries total) 4 times just to get it to clear the database and actually run completely.

Not sure if something has changed.

Would be good if there was a status bar for bulk operations and imports so that they could run on their own time in the background.

As far as I know, scheduling custom events and API workflows causes them to run in the background.

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I am referring to the bulk delete operation from the data tab.

The pop up window appears and claims that it’s completed X entires but doesn’t. You’ve got to run the bulk action api workflow a number of times to get it to actually work.

If it is running in the background, a cogwheel or a status bar is in order that will allow the task to complete and display a log or something that shows it’s still working.

I see. In that context, I think someone from Bubble would have to give their insight.

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Hey justin, I remember @emmanuel saying in another thread (can’t find his post), that the app data tab isn’t really designed for doing that sort of thing, and it is better to knock up a small workflow on a button etc. into the app on an admin accessible only page.

I have also noticed in the past that this tab does weird things, like not refreshing correctly and still saying things like 3 rows selected when nothing there.

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Sounds good to me and I’ll try that.

Do we know if there is an ability to stop an API workflow after it’s begun?

I have run things before that bog down the system and sometimes the list of Things is large.

Does anyone have a template they’d be willing to share that can be used to edit Bubble Data (e.g. something like myPhpAdmin)?

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Why not just use the Data tab? It’s pretty much exactly what PHPMyAdmin does anyway. Is there a specific feature you need?

I started an app to do just that, right after the data APIs came out.

Emmanuel said it would expose the data structures so it could be dynamic, but it didn’t work that way.

May have another look.

Will definitely keep using it for now. Occasionally, (weekly) things happen like others have mentioned - not all data types show, sometimes data doesn’t show altogether for a day or two, etc. I wonder why it’s unreliable, seems odd.

I’m thinking of just using spreadsheets to link to the data types and then throwing in a save button on the bottom.

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