Cannot buy plugin in paid plan

Hello All,
I just upgraded my plan to a paid one and need to buy some plugin but the process is always stuck in processing and the plugin is never installed, can someone help or I’m doing something wrong?

the page back to the editor page after this screen and nothing happens

I’m buy Floppy plugin from @keith

I have the same problem since yesterday. I reported the bug this morning but it looks it isn’t solved yet.

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Hope they can solve it ASAP.

@fogsgeneral, have you filed a bug report for this as well?

Just submit the bug report, hope they will fix it ASAP.


they said my card problems from bank issues,
I tried to buy another plugin with a 9$ price and still got an error.
it’s really weird since the card I use to pay Bubble Paid plan is the same as the card I want to use for the plugin.
Have you got some luck?

I just heard that their engineering team pushed a fix for it – is it still broken?

yea, just tried 5 minute ago and still error.
I’m stuck on my shopping cart project to try implement the plugin.


Quick update from my side: they answered my bug report confirming that I had a credit card issue and that was the reason for not being able to buy the plugins.

I checked with my bank and I confirmed there was an issue with my credit card. After solving it I could buy the plugins again instantly.