Why Is Bubble.io doesn't allow to buy me Plugin but allow me for subscription?

I have tried many times to buy a BDK plugin but it prompt with Need to buy license.

This is beyond frustration as I tried changing multiple credit cards and it has no issue of bubble.io to charge my subscription plan. BUT it has problem to charge me with a plugin.

I have my credit card and corporate credit cards almost 4 times. All of them able to go with Bubble.io subscription but not a paid plugin. This is beyond frustration!

Bubble.io support came up to that it’s my bank problem. No, I have no issue of purchasing any related items online even no problem of purchasing bubble.io professional plan worth $159 monthly basis but it’s a major problem to not get to purchase $16 paid plugin.

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Are you actually expecting someone on the forum to be able to answer this? Or just venting frustration?

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Were you able to purchase or found any workaround ? We are also facing similar issue while purchasing . Have contacted Bubble team but no response from them .


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