Cannot connect with google on my app

Hi everyone !

It’s been 3 days that I’m trying to log in with google on my app. Nothing that I tried worked. The “solutions” that I found on the forum didn’t worked for me though. So I’m here to see if someone could help me with it.

I really like bubble but it’s overly difficult to do simple stuff with it.

When I try to connect, it shows me a 401 error. So I checked my API’s keys, and guess what ? They’re on ! Everything should work, but nope, it doesn’t !

Thanks for your time

Hey guys ! Still trying to figure it out ! Any clue top solve this problem ?

Again… No one is even trying to answer ?

Maybe you can provide more informations like screenshot, link to your app where we can test the Google connection…
Also, be sure that the API key is allowed for the domain, Google API… there’s a lot of stuff you can check on Google side too.