Create New Thing Workflow - Adds Blank Rows in DB

When I’ve completed my form fields and go to submit them to the DB - they go through without error.

However, in the process - it seems to generate several (number varies) blank rows in the database, which also display on my RG.

I’ve checked the workflow and each element, not sure why this is happening.

FYI - I’ve built this app in a day and I’m brand new to using this great tool.

GIF of Steps to reproduce:

Screenshot of blank rows in DB:

Screenshot of Workflow:

Thanks in advance!

Any solution found ?

I’m seeing the same issue: I create a new thing, which includes multiple data components. The data components save correctly, but then I get a random number of blank entries - 9-12. They have a unique ID and a created date/modified date, but no other data. Any solution to this?

I’ve been having the same problem for the past week. I said screw it and I just have a last step in the workflow to delete entries that have certain data fields empty.

That is a reasonable workaround, thanks!