Cannot figure out how to use data from a dropdown in another control

I am trying to build a page that allows the user to select a Manufacturer from the dropdown which then runs a query using the API Connector and populates the Customers repeating group . That query has a path parameter called manufacturerId and I can’t figure out how to use/extract the value from the manufacturer dropdown. The dropdown works just great the text element next to it displays the manufacturerId just fine. As you can see in the screenshot, the dropdown is grayed out as a source.

I have explored maybe using a workflow to update a custom state when the value of the drop down changes but also didn’t get very far with that.

I am pretty new to Bubble and I think its great but it has a really steep learning curve I think. T.I.A

Nothing selected yet

Manufacturer selected and showing ID

You are getting 1 because your in api connector you set default value to 1.

And I am not sure about drop-down. I mean it has numerical values?

The dropdown has a type associated with it so it is returning the whole object when selecting. I have bound the text box to the right to the and I am displaying in the dropdown. It’s not a simple static dropdown. 1 is not the default value in the api path param.

This is the Connector API definition that I am using. If I enter 1 or 2 in the field, the query works but I dont know how to get the value from the dropdown into the query. You can see the API defined in the repeating group Get Customers! … please help!!

Ok, so I figured it out. You have to create a workflow in response to the dropdown value changing and then you have to Display List in repeating group using the value in from the DropDowns selected data as the manufacturerId path variable