Cannot get API Post to owrk

I would like to post a comment to a Jira issue. Link to the API documentation.

I keep getting these two error messages:
Raw response for the API
{“errorMessages”:,“errors”:{“comment”:“Comment body can not be empty!”}}

You have a body type of json but seem to be using form parameters. You might try changing the body type to form-data…or if you go the json route then try adding a header with key=Content-Type and value=application/json.

EDIT: And you don’t seem to be setting the values needed by the api, such as the text of the comment you want to add.


As @ryan6 suggested, try including a comment as a paramater. If that doesn’t work, getting an API to work in postman before bubble will always save time and frustration.


+1 on postman dev…saves a mountain of time when working with new stuff.

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