Cannot get 'arrangement' of elements to behave

I am building a form with a rich text editor as the input and a normal text box on the left of the text editor. In design view I cannot select the element by clicking on it, instead I need to right-click and send the container to the back (which is what ends up being clicked when this happens), and only then does the text editor become clickable. When I click away, the above cycle repeats itself.

In the design view below, you can see that the alignment ie fine, no overlap.

however, in the preview, the text on the left overlaps the text editor as if it wasn’t here, which leads me to think its an ‘arrangement’ issue.

The editor which is easy selectable without doesn’t have this issue.

How can I rectify this behaviour where the elements are going ‘behind’ the container and having issues as you can see above?


Experiment with grouping elements and settings widths

This video may be worth your while. Long but very insightful

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