Problem with the Serach & autocorrect plugin

I have a problem, I wanted to do a search by the search field, but with questions. I wanted to search for the statement of the question, as I would type the statement, the questions that “contain” that information from the input would appear, but I can’t, I don’t know if it is due to the question having many characters.

For example. Question 01 - Who discovered Brazil?
If I typed in the search field “Quem desc”, question 01 would already appear for me.

Hey @ZeroqodeSupport,

Wanted to ping you, think this is referring to one of your plugins :blush:

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@johnny ,

Thanks a ton for the cooperation. :heart:

@fococaveira1 , hello! Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please tell me what exact plugin you are using? Fuzzy Search? If yes, can you please show us the setup of your plugin to make sure you have done everything correctly?

Zeroqode Team

Plugin Serach&Autocorrect

A couple of troubleshooting ideas:

  • Are you sure the input id’s is unique?
  • Is your source data (the search) too large and maybe it is still loading when you try to do the search?
  • Does the inspector spit out any errors?
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Hello, @fococaveira1
Thanks for the clarification.

Please be aware that the plugin works correctly only with the Input element and is not suitable for the search box element.

Also, please use our Live Demo Page and Bubble Editor of this plugin as an example for the correct configuration of all elements of the plugin:

If you are sure that all settings are correct, please provide us the next information for investigation of your use case:

  • error screenshots from debugger and browser console;

  • the screenshots of your current settings for all plugin elements;

Will be waiting to hear you soon.
Zeroqode Support