Cannot publish my app to live

Reported this bug more than 24 hours ago and still cannot publish. Does anyone else have this issue?

Hi @freehold2018

Make a copy of your app and try to push live, just to see. The other way is to find the corrupt part. Clear all items and slowly undo and publish. You pin the element that caused this disaster. Good luck.

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I wasn’t able to copy the app either.

I have the the same problem a few days ago…

so i used to disable checker ( add “&issues_off=true” on url) because I have some big pages. Then suddently can’t upload editor in normal mode (activate checker) and can’t deploy as well.

The only solution from bubble I got was: revert to version when I remember things run ok😥 …at the end I have to revert back to last time I deployed, which was 2 weeks back


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