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URGENT: Unable to deploy to live due to issues

I have always deployed my app to live even with issues. Now it is not allowing me anymore! I have to deploy my app TODAY to live, otherwise I will lose a very important partnership and many clients. PLEASE HELP!

I deploy it even with issues because it is the only way it works. I use a “go to page” function in a native app. And it is the only way my user can get the back button to work on their phone. It is also super important in identifying the tour the user is in (My app in an audiotour app).


Other users are experiencing some quirky behavior in the editor. Please file a bug report. Doing so will help make some noise about these issues directly to bubble and hopefully get the attention of the weekend support engineers :slight_smile:

Hi, Jon.
Thanks for the advice.
How do I file a bug report? By email? Do you know who I can send it to?

Thanks Jon.
I thought this was a bug report. How do I actually file one?

bubble bug report - Google Search

I’ve experienced this problem twice now.
The latest was today and after clicking on a couple of “resolve the issue” (cannot remember and didn’t take screen shots), I was presented with a radio button with two options to choose from. Something (from memory) to select dev wins or prod wins.
If it happens again I’ll take screen shots.

Go to version page and change drop down to to 10-12 hour setting. Solved the navigation error I kept getting.

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