Cannot retrieve old data from dB

Created a repeating group to display data in the database. Each record includes 3 text fields.

Worked fine yesterday. Today it will not display those records. I added 2 new records and they display fine, but the data entered previously (3 records) do not display.

I am not sorting the data. The privacy settings are set so anyone can see the data. It’s just data entered previously will not display. I edited one of the old records so it’s modified data was updated, but it still does not display.

Do you have any constraints in your search? Or is it just unlimited Do a search?

No constraints. Just do a search and the then I name the datatype.

Have you checked your search via the debugger? Just to be sure that Bubble server returns 2 items from the DB and ignores 3 items created yesterday?

Its probably privacy rules.

In the debugger is shows the 2 records being returned. I can’t tell if its ignoring the other 3 or what though.

Privacy as stated is set to review by all. Not sure why that would work one day and not the next.

Thats because when you created the things, you were the creator.
The next day, you werent the creator anymore. Either because you logged out of your account, or because you were logged out all along and didn’t accept cookies, or because you were on another device,

Privacy rules are there to protect people’s data. They are necessary to create a secure app, and it’s important to understand them.

As you can see, when you’re not the creator of that piece of data the ‘Find this in Searches’ is not activated. So the search will not return that piece of data, and it will be kept safe in the server.

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If you created three previous entries 3 (or more) days ago without logging in (aka with temporary user) - this can be the reason. Because temporary users are deleted in 72 hours (3 days),

I did not ever (intentionally) use a temporary user to log in. I’m the only person doing any development. I’ll dig into it. Thank you.

Thanks Nico. So I have the creator rules which allows the data to be found in searches.

I then have everyone else’s rules which also includes default permission to view and find in searches. Whether I’m the creator or someone else, shouldn’t it allow me to find the data in a search?

By temporary user Bubble means this:

whenever a new user visits your application, Bubble saves a cookie in their browser and creates a temporary user.

Temporary user = any visitor that is not logged in. If you are using same browser without cleaning cookies - you are considered as the same user during 72 hours (until you register or log-in). As soon as you open your website via incognito mode or change browser or clear cookies - Bubble will create a new temporary user. And he will not see anything previously created by other temporary/normal users (that’s what your privacy rules states).


Thank you. Got it working!

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So, what was the reason?

P.S. You can also see what data has been created by temporary users in your Data → App Data tab of the editor. That’s how it looks like :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 23.50.21

Deleted thing = temporary user that hasn’t signed up (registered) in 72 hours after being created by Bubble.

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My created by field is blank for all 5 entries.
I clicked the box for Everyone else to give permissions to View attached files and it now shows all the data. I’ll need to dig into the bubble docs I guess. I’m not using any images or docs though. All fields are text fields. Anyway. Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

Are you sure that you’ve activated View attached file? Cause for some reason Bubble shows checkboxes far to the right of their description:

So to find things in searches you need that checkbox from the orange area