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Searching Databases Help Needed Please

Hello There, I am trying to search a database and get results from it. Everything i tried so far has failed! I dont know what else to do! Basically Im building a CAD just for fun and wanted to test different things I have in mind for it.

Anyways, I show you what I have so far, I cant get the result to show up in the repeating group for some reason. I have also set the privacy rules to Public, as some has said that this causes issues.

So here is a run down of what Im trying to do, I am trying to get results from a name and if its a match then a alert will show up, which I did. Then when you click the view record button, that popup will display the informaton for that character.

Unfortunatly as you see nothing is coming up in results? Is this a bug or no?

Thank you for your help in advance. Message me for my discord id if you want to be involved in this project.



Go through each data type in your dB and erase their automatically created privacy rules (placed in a tab called privacy rules next to the data type tab). Just click the trash icon and it will erase it. You must do this one by one.

Bubble introduced recently this automatic creation of privacy rules every time a new data type is created.

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Yeah tried to set it public and still dont work. I dont know whats going on?

Here is what I am doing… Am I on the right track?

If someone can help me out please can you go to my link and help out?

Thanks in advance folks.

My App

The empty one is showing after I have tooken off the private tab.

That is not how privacy rules are erased.

Go to the privacy rules tab and erase them one by one.

Once you learn the ropes about Bubble better, you can worry about security by creating specific privacy rules for your use case.

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Yeah i seemed to made it work now somehow. I created my own privacy rules using, the current user when logged in method. I dont know why this worked. Anyways I changed it to current cells announcement etc and now showing up. I aint sure why or what I did wrong. I need to understand the rules more. Do they matter for beginners?

Having trouble again with searches can u advise me?